23 March 2020

Site Visit

  • Site visit to carry out field investigation of foundation conditions to determine design parameters.
  • Review local capabilities, sources of local materials, manufacturing capability and determine the most
    appropriate form of construction in conjunction with the Architect and Building Contractor.
  • Meet with local authorities to establish approvals procedure.
23 March 2020

Concept Design Stage

  • Provide preliminary advice to Building Contractor to assist in establishment of budgets for construction.
  • Prepare preliminary designs and issue to consultants
  • Review design concepts with Architect, Builder and associated consultants
23 March 2020

Design Development Stage

  • Adjust designs to incorporate advice from consultants to allow for services and Architects design intent.
  • Review final design with Building Contractor and Quantity Surveyor to ensure budgets are maintained.
  • Prepare documentation including reports as
    required for Development Approval.
  • Certification of design compliance.
23 March 2020

Construction Documentation

  • Prepare documentation for construction and issue in order to suit construction program
  • Attend meetings with consultants to coordinate services with structure
  • Prepare structural documentation for swimming pools
23 March 2020

Construction Phase

  • Coordinate site inspections at appropriate periods in conjunction with the builder and local inspecting engineer
  • Review shop drawings of structural elements
  • Prepare certification of structural works in conjunction with supervising engineer

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